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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Pertinent Information
Male 7.5 years
UTD:   Yes
Weight:  71 Good with Other dogs: Some                  
Color:  Fawn
Good with Cats:  No
Ears: Natural                                      
Children:  12+
Tail: Cropped Microchipped: TBD

Spay/Neutered:   TBD

Training required:    Yes
Surrender:   Owner Adoption Donation:  $250.00  

October 28, 2017


Meet Ruger, This handsome devil is an 8 year old Boxer who has recently been surrendered by his owner who had no time for him.  He is a kind fella, housebroken, crate trained, current on vaccinations. They say that Ruger  seems to be on the mellow side.  He will need some work on leash and definitely a place to run and spread his wings. He's been cooped up way too long. He loves to ride in trucks, is great with people, engaging and happy.  Ruger arrived in his foster home today, so please check back soon for updates on this handsome guy as he settles in with his foster parents.  


November 5, 2017 - first week in foster home: 


After a rough first day Ruger is settling in a little more each day.   His appetite is very good.  He has no problem with me taking his food away.   Although he is 71 lbs. he is very gentle.  He takes treats gently and knows his basic commands, sit, down, paw.  We have not tried stay or leave it yet to see if he knows those commands yet as we do not want to throw too much at him at once.  His is making progress every day on his walking skills.  I am using and Easy Walk front harness and he pulls some but is getting much better.  He is a very strong boy!  We have passed several dogs on our walks and he is totally non-reactive to other dogs.  He loves to ride in the car.  He sits up and watches everything.  He does not bark when he sees dogs out walking.  He also is good in his crate.  He goes right in and is laying quietly when I get home.  He will often sleep in it with the door open when we are at home.  He will occasionally get on the couch but seems to prefer his dog bed over the couch.   He was awesome on Halloween.  My husband held him while I went to the door and he just watched everything.  No barking.  He will bark if someone comes to the door, not excessive & stops when you tell him its okay.  He is not a jumper and has not counter surfed but I never have anything on my counters so our house is not a good one to judge that by, but he does not attempt to get at the supper table.  He does not beg, he just lays beside the table when we eat.  He and Princess get along well.  She is constantly trying to get him to play and he has no desire to play.  He is still a bit of a talker but not constantly like he was.  He goes to bed fine but he wakes up at 4 every morning and gets very mouthy and restless.  The first 2 nights we took him out just in case but then decided he was just being mouthy.  We now tell him to go back to bed and have been able to get him to stay somewhat settled until 6 a.m.  In typical boxer fashion he thinks hes a lap dog.  He loves   his belly rubbed.  I think he would stay there all day.  He listens quite well but does not seem to respond at all to his name, so we are working on that.  He is scheduled to be neutered this week, so please check back for more updates as we get to know this handsome devil!


November 19, 2017 


Ruger is doing wonderful!  He was just neutered and is home recovering.  Check back soon as we get more updated on this Handsome boy!