A 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization Serving New England

The Boxer Rescue

We are a group of volunteers, dedicated to finding loving forever homes for unwanted, abandoned, and surrendered Boxers. Our rescue works within Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We strive to not only save boxers, but to educate the public about responsible dog ownership, the importance of spaying and neutering, and how to best meet the needs of this amazing breed.


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The Boxer Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the New England area.  Our group is made up of dedicated volunteers. These are the people who care for the homeless, abused and unwanted boxers because they have a love and passion for the breed and believe they all deserve a second chance. 

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The Boxer Rescue could not exist without donations from people like you. Many of our dogs coming into rescue require expensive medical treatment before they can be placed in their “forever” homes. The adoption donation is often not sufficient to cover all of the expenses.   Since The Boxer Rescue is solely operated on a volunteer basis, funding is always tight; therefore, your donation small or large will go a long way in helping our dogs in need. 

Get Ready To Snuggle

Our Adoptees

Meet Duke 🐾 7 YRS 🐾 M

Who out there, had a favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal as a kid? Don't pretend you didn't....

I'm here to tell you that we've got a real life, living and breathing teddy bear just waiting for his forever home! His name is Duke and he's the perfect combination of marshmallows and chocolate. He's like a S'more, but without the dry graham cracker part. He's just so flipping cute and so cuddly and so sweet and so perfect! And he gives the best kisses... Even better than your significant other if you have one. If you don't have a significant other, know that Duke gives better kisses than anyone who could potentially be your significant other. Like if you set up a kissing booth and put him in it, you'd be a millionaire in one afternoon.

This boy was left at shelter. We don't know why... Some story was given, but we're calling BS on the whole thing. It really doesn't matter. He was left there, and he became very stressed and scared. Thank God his stay was short, and we were able to get him into a foster home before he shut down completely.

Duke falls in love really hard and really fast. He is all about his human. Not much else matters in his world, except his human. So, basically, if you adopt Duke, you will never ever ever ever ever be alone. Need to pee? Duke will be by your side for support. Number 2? He's there for that, too. Smell don't bother this dude. Showering? He'll make sure you don't slip and fall. Cooking dinner? He'll be at your feet. Lounging on the couch? Make room because he will absolutely be there with you. Work from home? Hope your boss doesn't mind a boxer face on your Zoom calls. Before you know it he'll be helping you prepare PowerPoint presentations and will earn "Employee of the Month" for all his hard work and perfect attendance on Zoom.

Duke deserves everything wonderful that this world has to offer. He deserves sunny spots to lay in, comfy couches to nap on, car rides to Starbucks for Puppachinos, walks at sunset, green grass to roll in, and a warm lap to rest his head on. He deserves to never feel abandoned or alone again. His trust was a bit broken and it's taking him some time to realize that he's safe now. He needs a family to spoil him so rotten.... SOOOOOO rotten.

Duke's foster mom dog tested him, and while he did ok, she has made it very very clear, that it's the humans that bring him the most joy and comfort. We will consider placing him with an OLDER female dog... One who isn't crazy energetic and all up in his biz, as he's not a fan of that nonsense. But, if you are currently dogless and have been searching for a spectacular older, gray faced, snuggle muffin, he is RIGHT HERE!! Look no further... APPLY NOW!

We want Duke to have human company during the day. That attention and comfort fuels his old man soul. Being alone will hurt his heart. Plus, why would anyone want to leave this guy alone? He's the type of dog you want to put in your pocket and carry with you all day, except that he's big and won't really fit, so that's not possible.

If you look at him and think "He's too old... I don't want an old dog".... Then you're just plain missing out on pure love. You're missing out on the opportunity to fill your own heart with more joy than you ever thought possible. You're missing out the best of the best... a senior dog!

AGE - 7 years

OTHER DOGS? Possibly ok with a calm, quiet older female.


KIDS? 12+ as we have no history

Additional Photos

Meet Jax 🐾 4 YRS 🐾 M

Y'all gon' make me lose my mind

Up in here, up in here

Y'all gon' make me go all out

Up in here, up in here

My name is Jax and that is my theme song. I'm a little bit losing my mind cause I'm soooo bored. Dear lord, someone exercise me, so I can be a better man. I'm 4 years old, and right now, I'm spending too much time alone. I've gotten pretty good at chewing rugs, hot wiring cars, and laundering money. Hey... a guy needs to do something to keep busy. I'm kind of hoping that those volunteers who came to evaluate me were like some sort of intervention and I'm going to be whisked away to boxer rehab, where the days consist of loooooooooong walks, yummy treats for doing good things, and more human attention that I can wiggle a nub at.

I live with my brother, who is also in need of boxer rehab. We've chatted and we understand that it might be best for us to part ways, so that we can stop being bad influences on each other. I admit, together, we are a lot. We even pulled a human down to the ground on a walk. #knowyourownstrength That might have been the straw that broke that weird camel's back.

Anyhoooooo... If there's someone out there, willing to work with me and get me back to hangin with the right crowd, so I can make better life decisions, that would be sweet. It really is exhausting being bored all the time. I would much rather a confident human guide me and tell me what I need to be doing. I love food and I'm super motivated. So, fill your pockets with hot dogs or cheese and I'll follow your butt to the ends of the earth. Trust me, I'm ready to learn!

You have to reach out to the rescue if you're interested in me, so they can see what you bring to the table.

Definitely NO OTHER PETS.... I need all the attention and focus on me so I can learn how to be even more amazing than I already am.

NO YOUNG KIDS ... I'm strong. It's just how I'm made. Also, I did pull a human to the ground, so there's that. Sorry. Not sorry.

Please, if you apply, be an active person. I cannot sit around and do nothing for one more second ( see theme song at beginning)

I need to move.. I need to shake what my momma gave me. I need to experience life. I need to eat ice cream and visit the Great Wall of China and climb Everest and see Paris and fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. I need to do ALL THE THINGS!! ALL OF THEM! Who's in???????????

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Meet Opey 🐾 4 YRS 🐾 M

Opey... AKA Baby Shark, AKA Bulldozer, AKA Hippo on the Loose... is 4 years old and coming into rescue with his brutha from anotha mutha because they are just toooooooo much of a good thing or not a good thing, depending on how high your tolerance level is.

Our original plan was to keep them together, but plans can change, and ours did. We feel it’s best to place them in separate homes where they can get the attention and training they need. This adorable mush face right here is oodles and noodles of potential. “Will learn for food”.... that’s his motto. His other motto is “Exercise me or I’ll eat your house”.... Both, we feel, are great words to live by. Right now, Opey spends 9+ hours in a kitchen area, all day long. That’s a lot of time for a big ole boxer to be bored out of his mind. He does not get walked or exercised, much, if at all. What we have there folks, is a recipe for disaster. We feel that in a home, where he will receive the physical and mental stimulation he sooooooo desperately craves, he will thrive. That home cannot and will not mirror where he’s coming from. So, a work from home type person, YES! A work out of the home type person, gone all day, NO! This bugaboo is going to be set up for success from day 1!

Now before you go saying “omg he’s soooooo cute” or “Honey... come see how cute... let’s get him” .... Please sit down, and ask yourself if you can meet his needs. He’s going to need walks and lots and lots of him. Those walks might be challenging at first... He might see a squirrel or another dog, and you could quickly lose whatever arm is holding the leash. Head on swivel, people!! Know what’s coming, be prepared, and hold on. Good news is he responded brilliantly to a front pull harness and was walking great with our volunteers. So he knows what to do. He just needs to do more of it! If you’re not an active person, he’s not for you. If you’re looking to drop some pandemic lock down weight, he will help.

If you’ve never trained a dog, or have no desire to commit to training a dog, he’s not for you. This boy is begging for structure and positive experiences. If you are the type to give to your dogs, not give up, or freak out over things, Opey could be a fit.

He will not be placed with other dogs, as he’s not been around other dogs, except his brother. We want him to get all the attention he’s been lacking and for him to get back on the right track.

He will not be placed with young children due to his size, strength, and ability to flatten things in his path.

A fenced in yard is not required, but a crap ton of exercise is! If you apply, and get a home visit, we may ask you to run a 5k while we are there (just kidding)

He’s perfectly perfect and he’s all things a boxer should be. He just needs to dial some of his boxerisms back a twinge.

We cannot wait to see him transform and be the best he can be.



If you feel you can be his forever home, please apply to adopt Opey

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Adopt A Boxer

We often have many beautiful boxers in need of forever homes. From puppies to seniors, they all deserve their happily ever after. Keep an open mind and an open heart, and you just might find your best friend.


Foster a Boxer

Foster homes are a critical piece of our rescue puzzle and enable us to learn as much as we can about the boxers that come to us before being placed in forever homes.


We are always in need of volunteers. Do as little or as much as you want to help us, help them.


In order to continue to save the lives of beautiful boxers, we need funding help from the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation in honor of your love for the breed.

The Boxer Rescue

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote responsible dog ownership, provide support to boxer owners, inform the public about the needs, qualities and characteristics of the boxer breed, and to be a positive presence in the boxer rescue community.  

Get Involved

If you would like to help The Boxer Rescue, please consider making a monetary donation.  The Boxer Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. No donation is ever too small to help a boxer dog in need.

Upcoming Events

Pet Rock

September 8 🐾 12pm

Wyman Gordon


September 21 🐾 11am – 4pm
Hudson Elks Pavilion

Boxer Bash

 October 6  🐾  11am-3pm
Hopkinton State Park


Boxer Adoption Notes

Why Two Female Dogs May Not Be the Best Combination

If you find yourself considering this sort of same-sex adoption scenario, think again. As cute and playful same-sex sibling puppies are, chances are that once they mature, they will engage in some serious discussions that could turn bloody.

Is the boxer the right breed for you?

Boxers are forever puppies.  They seem to never to “grow up”. So be prepared to deal with puppy behavior until they are around 3-4 years old.  They require a lot of exercise and stimulation.  Multiple long walks a day will help tire them out, and we all know that a “tired boxer is a good boxer”.