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Please note, APPLICANTS MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD and MUST reside in MA, RI, NH, or CT.
Be sure the application is filled out in its entirety.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Meet TOBEY “the tornado” 🐾 10 MNS 🐾 M

This cutie pie is seeking a forever home that can meet ALL is boxer needs, including the loony toon parts!
Before rescue, Tobey was completely unsocialized, and unexercised. Since arriving in foster, he’s discovered that long walks relax his body and brain and dial back his desire to nom nom nom nom on things. He’s a very typical boxer pup in need of structure, consistency, positive training, exercise, attention, and oodles of love!  Tobey is super smart, and is doing amazingly well in foster, where his boxer energy is being drained. He’s got a huge fenced in yard to play in, long walks every day, and someone showing him what it means to be the bestest boxer boy.
Tobey has never really played with other dogs., and it shows. He’s pretty focused and his exuberance level is at a 600 on a scale of 1-10
We can consider him for a very energetic, confident, young female boxer. He would have to meet her first, and it can definitely be arranged since he’s in foster. There’s a chance he may need to be an only and learn how to properly meet other dogs, over time.  Absolutely no small dogs or senior dogs for him.
Tobey will need someone home more often than not. Training will be a requirement of his adoption. No little kids, due to his energy and ability to take out a human with one run by.
We’d love him to have a fenced in yard but it’s not a requirement. More importantly, he needs a home committed to socializing him, exercising him, and being patient with him, as he learns about life. 
PS - He LOVES playing fetch!!!!!
Tobey is neutered and current on vaccines.

OTHER DOGS? Possibly a young, energetic female boxer.
KIDS? 12-13+

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Meet Opie🐾 5 YRS 🐾 M


Meatball alert!!!!!!! This is 5 Year old, OPIE. He is coming back into rescue after being adopted about a year ago. He has some dog reactivity, and his owners would like us to find him a home better suited to meet his needs.

Opie loves all people... No issues there. His roly poly body will greet you with much exuberance and his smile will melt your heart. He is smart. He is very food motivated. He knows some basic commands and is ready and able to learn a lot more.

Opie needs a home with reactive dog experience, and one who is 100% committed to working with him. He's made some progress, but we'd like to see him continue to work with a positive based trainer and even get into a reactive dog class (our rescue will pay 50% towards that). He's a strong boy... I mean look at the low rider bod... He's got a bit of a prey drive, especially when it comes to smaller dogs, and little creatures. He lived with another boxer in the past and was fine. We do think, that with the correct training and patience, he could meet/interact with a female boxer. But that's in the future, once he's settled in a new home, and has had some training with his new peeps.

Opie is a love muffin with oodles and noodles of potential. He just needs the right person or people to work with him, every single day, and not freak out if he loses his crap when he sees another dog. He needs someone who can make adjustments, reinforce good behavior in a positive manner, and accept that he's not a dog that will be chillin' in the hood with all the other dogs. It doesn't make him bad. It doesn't make him unadoptable. He's a dog that needs to be managed. It's possible. Lots of people manage dog reactive dogs.

If you live in an area full of other dogs, he isn't for you. If it's important that you adopt a dog who gets along with other dogs, he's not for you. If you vacation with people who have dogs, he's not for you. If you dog sit for friends/family, he's not for you. We are being as forthcoming as possible, to ensure that he is 100% successful in his next and FINAL home. If you cannot commit to, and don't have the patience for a boy who needs some guidance, please do not apply for him.

One of the directors met Opie today, and he was a mush ball of love. He walked well on leash with her. However, no dogs were encountered. He was super responsive to treats while walking and sat down when asked. Opie has a good foundation to build off.

We'd love him to have a nice, securely fenced in yard. He isn't crazy high energy, but he absolutely needs to get some walks in and maybe drop a few lbs. He is not destructive when left alone and doesn't need to be crated. There is a perfect home out there for this guy.... We just have to find it!



KIDS? 13+


TRAINING WILL BE REQUIRED (our rescue will pay for 50%)

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Frequently Asked Questions
Adoption Service Area

Please note, APPLICANTS MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD and MUST reside in MA, RI, NH, or CT. Be sure the application is filled out in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Where do your boxers come from?

Many of our boxers are owner surrenders. Perhaps the owner purchased the dog on impulse, not understanding the needs of a boxer. Sometimes, financial situations change, and families are not able to care for the dog anymore. We also take dogs that have been brought to shelters around New England. If a shelter reaches out  for help, we do our best to find placement for the boxer in need. Lastly, we have a wonderful relationship with boxer rescue in Puerto Rico, and we work closely with them to bring boxers in need, from the island, to New England. All of our boxers are temperament tested and evaluated before coming into rescue. It should be noted that ALL dogs require a decompression period when going to a new home. Even the sweetest, most loveable boxer experiences fear and confusion during transitional times and foster/adoptive homes need to be conscious and respectful of this.

Can I adopt a female dog if I already have a female dog?

The short answer is no. Our experience in placing dogs, has shown us that placing two females together is oftentimes not the best long term situation. We receive many calls from owners needing to surrender their female boxers because there is fighting with another female dog in the house. Sometimes it’s with another boxer and sometimes, it’s with another breed. Either way, the fighting is often brutal and bloody. We have adopted a policy to never place two female dogs in the same house.

Are your boxers healthy?

Before adoption, our dogs are healthy to the best of our vets’ knowledge. They are brought up to date on vaccines, tested for heartworm, and spayed or neutered (unless too young or not medically able to be). We also send our boxers with one month of heartworm and flea/tick prevention to get them started. Their vet records are provided upon adoption.

Do I need to have a fenced in yard to adopt a boxer?

We do not require a fenced in yard for all of our boxers. However, there are certain circumstances where a fence may be required and it will be noted in the boxer’s bio. We look at each dog, individually, and based on the needs of that dog, we may require fencing. Please note that we do not consider an electric fence to be a proper method of containment and are not able place a dog in a home that uses electric fencing.

Do you have a shelter where I can come meet the boxers?

We are not a shelter and do not have a physical location where you can meet our adoptees. Most boxers will stay with their owners or shelter until we can secure a foster or adoptive home for them. Our boxers from Puerto Rico, are flown here once we’ve secured homes for them.

What Are Your Adoption Fees?

Puppies – $450.00

Dogs – 6 months and older $400.00

Dogs – 7 years and older $150.00

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Boxer Briefs


Generally speaking, boxers have an affinity for children and for the elderly. Most can recognize the need to be more calm and gentle with certain people.  However, some have no idea how big and strong they are and could accidentally knock over a small child or senior adult. Please consider ALL family members when looking to welcome a boxer into your home.