Get Involved


The Boxer Rescue, serving the New England Area, is made up of a group of volunteers who assist in areas such as dog transport, home visits, evaluations, and fundraising efforts.   Our volunteers are instrumental in our efforts to educate the public about boxer rescue and about responsible pet ownership. Our organization could not exist without our wonderful volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to have your help! Some of the volunteer duties we have available are listed below.

Go Meet


The final step in our application process is the home visit and we cannot proceed with the approval process until the home visit is complete.   We conduct home visits to ensure that the applicant provides truthful information regarding the household on their application, and to get a sense of the environment that the dog will be living in.  Our boxers are precious to us, so the home visit is a critical step in this process and any comments/concerns from our volunteers are taken very seriously.  Home visits are scheduled at the convenience of the volunteer. 

Go Drive

Transporting Dogs

The Boxer Rescue transports dogs from shelters or from surrendering families, to foster or adoptive homes. We rely on our volunteers to help with these transports.  On longer transports, volunteers will tag team and offer to complete a portion and then meet another volunteer who will complete the rest of the trip.

Transporting Note:   You must be reliable, have an insured vehicle, and be able to transport a Boxer safely utilizing a crate, doggie seat-belt or vehicle barrier.  This will ensure the safety of you, your family and the dog.   


Get Info


Before we can take a dog into rescue, we have to meet the dog to ensure that it’s a dog we can place into a new family.  Our volunteers are critical in our evaluation process and provide us with critical feedback about the dog’s temperament and personality that helps us determine what type of home will best meet the needs of the dog.  We provide our volunteers with guidelines and information on how to safely and thoroughly evaluate boxers before venturing out to do so.

Hands On


The Boxer Rescue needs volunteers to set up and work tables at various events throughout New England.   We might be asked to be a part of an “Awareness Day” at a local pet retail store.  There are also larger events scheduled throughout the year, that our rescue is asked to attend. We ask our volunteers to represent us and share literature, sell merchandise, give out prizes, and simply spread the word about the wonderful work we do. All events are a great opportunity to raise public awareness and do some fundraising.  We are always looking for creative, innovative, and outgoing volunteers to bring new ideas to the table.