"The chase" Photo by: Padraicyclops
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
Calloway & Taylor

Iím Callaway (the short one with the white face) and Iíve been working with the Boxer Rescue since 2011.  One of my jobs has been to represent the boxer breed at Petco in Auburn every weekend and I just love that!  I get to hang out there and let adults and children pet me and give me cookies!  I also get to meet and sometimes play with other dogs and show them now nice us boxers can be. 


My new brother (the tall boy), TaylorMade (yes, our dad likes golf), who came to live with us in May of 2013 is still in training, but Iím working hard and showing him the ropes to make him as good as I am.  In addition to Petco, we get to visit homes and meet other dogs that either want to help or need us to help them.  Taylor is still a little too energetic to be as good as I am at this job, but heíll get there.  Taylor is actually one of the dogs that we all work so hard to save as my mom and dad helped rescue him.  Just look at him now volunteering to help save other dogs!  His previous family would be so proud of him for doing such great work!  I know our human mom and dad are very proud of both of us!

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