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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Pertinent Information
Male 11 months
UTD:   Yes
Weight:  50 Good with Other dogs:  Yes
Color: Fawn
Good with Cats:  No
Ears: Natural                  
Children:  16+
Tail:  Docked Microchipped:   TBD

Neuter:  TBD

Training required:   Yes
Surrender:  Puerto Rico Adoption Donation:  $400.00
Available for Adoption
April 9, 2018

Turk update. Turk is pretty great and looking for his family that includes a fur friend to run around and teach him a few things! Turk needs a family that will help him continue to gain confidence overall, but especially with meeting new people. Also, having another fur friend will not only help burn energy, but help with his new people fears. We can tell you that once he’s comfortable with you, you are officially BFFs!

Everything else about Turk and his quirks come along with owning a Boxer! At 11 months, Turk is a goofy boy who enjoys chasing leaves, whipping toys around the house, chewing and destroying toys, loves his bully sticks and running, running.... and more running!

If you have a fenced in yard, maybe a hiker or runner or just overall an active family - then he is your guy!
If your willing to put the work in with this guy, you’ll be rewarded with a goofy and love-able boy!!

Email info@theboxerrescue.org if you are interested in this gorgeous boy!

March 31, 2019

Turk is doing wonderful the second week in his foster home. He is still nervous meeting new people but he's been improving. He has some separation anxiety so we would like to place him with another dog and a family that is home more often than not. We do think another dog will help him tremendously, not only with his separation anxiety but with his manners as well. Having a balanced dog to "show him the way" will certainly be helpful. Turk did GREAT playing with a female dog and a male dog so any sweet dog will be a good match for him. Turk was neutered this past Friday and will be ready to go to a new home in a couple of weeks. His new home will need patience and understanding while he's learning and he will be required to go to a basic training class. He is a bit jumpy, mouthy so teenagers plus for him and NO cats.

March 17, 2019

Turk is eager to please, food motivated, he has taken to basic commands really well, but it will be extremely important to incorporate the training into the daily activity to have a successful marriage of dog ownership – he requires the guidance and daily reminders of what is not acceptable behavior to what is acceptable in a positive manner.

Turk will require a Boxer savvy home, a home where someone is home more often than not, a home that has the time and patience to work with young Boxer and be diligent with his training needs. He need works with jumping and mouthing as he is still a puppy and has never learned how to properly behave. He also LOVES to counter surf, so he will need work in that area as well. The Boxer Rescue will require that Turk attends a 6-8 week obedience class and we will help you find a positive training facility in your area. He will require a few “private” lessons to start off with in the home to get everyone off to the right start as well.

He would do best in a house that is not in the city and we will require a fenced in yard for Turk, as he is high energy and will need an area to run. He will need an active home to take him for a few walks/hikes a day. He is currently walked 4 times a day to get him out for doggy adventures and he’s still non-stop. He has passed many dogs on the street and he is curious, but easily re-directed. He does well with rides in the car and his foster home continues to work on potty training with him. He has only had a few accidents, but also learning his que to go out and he can be easily distracted when going potty, so you will have to watch to ensure he actually goes.

His foster home is working with him on crate training. He has shown a little separation anxiety, but should be continually worked on in order for it not to escalate and is something that could be fixable with work. If crating when leaving the house, he will bark/howl loudly for about 10 mins, then seems to calm himself down. Again, this is something that will need to be worked with. If we use the gate vs crate while we are home doing something in another room, he has the same reaction and will cry and bark. His foster home is continuing to work on this, but this is a critical point for his new family as he’s walking a fine line with separation anxiety, so this will need to be worked with immediately.

Turk is very mouthy and this has been his foster homes biggest challenge with him as he uses this as a tool to alert us when he needs to go out, getting our attention and wanting to play – everything.
He doesn’t have any other ways of letting you know – so they are working daily on the hand/mouth alerts, but it is definitely very slow going – This will need to be a long term commitment for him – he wants to please, but he’s not sure where or how to redirect himself.

He is not confident when meeting new people, he is nervous and will growl and bark, so set ups for meeting new people needs to be worked on in a positive manner.
Turk is truly a lovable boy who needs some extra attention in the training department, he is your typical goofy and gangly boy who needs to find the right family to help him become the awesome Boxer we know he can be!! His love and attention just needs to come in the form of training and mental/physical stimulation.

March 10, 2019

Meet Grott. Our newest rescue from Puerto Rico. He’s 11 months old, up to date on all of his vaccinations. He’s a little on the thin side so we are waiting for him to gain a few pounds before neutering him. The Boxer Rescue will arrange and pay for his neuter. Grott is a sweet boy but he is both jumpy and mouthy for attention and can get a little growly (nervous growly) when meeting some new people not all new people. He is pretty much fully housebroken and knows his basic commands. He is very food motivated which is great because he needs training right away to deal with his adolescent shenanigans. He did show a little resource guarding with what he thought was a toy so his new home needs to be aware of that and be able/willing to help him get through that. He really needs some time to get acclimated and be worked with. He likes other dogs, but at this time we will be placing him as an only so that he can get the attention and training he needs. NO history with cats so NO CATS for him. If you apply and you have a cat we will not be able to consider you. He absolutely can only be placed with kids 16+ as he likes to jump and mouth at your hands. Again, he readily gets off when told to but he needs consistent training with that.


Turk (aka: Grott)