"The chase" Photo by: Padraicyclops
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle

I  have slipped a picture of my brother in below – just so you could see how handsome he really is.  The other picture is me diving off our boat!  I LOVE TO SWIM!   Well that's enough about me, I hope to see you at an event soon!  Just click on our event link to find out where to meet us next!

Meet our Volunteers 


Hi, I’m Zeena.   I LOVE doing home visits and meeting new dogs.  All I want to do is play, play, play.  I help my mom figure out who are the best families for The Boxer Rescue’s dogs.  We have to be picky you know. I am also the food Guru for the Rescue.  I have my own section on the website you know!   It’s called “Recommended Food List”.  You can get there by following the link below:  http://www.theboxerrescue.org/theboxerrescuehomepage_082.htm


I do a ton of research on Food and send the information to my Auntie to post on our site.   All the information about dog food is from my personal research and information I get from third parties.  You can email me personally at zeena@theboxerrescue.org if you have any questions regarding food.  Please know that all the advice I give is just my own thoughts and stuff that has worked for my friends. After all, I am just a dog!


I also have a brother named Tyson.  He’s not allowed to go to any events because he can be a bit of a bully sometimes.  He is a great THERAPY dog though.  My brother and I are also certified Therapy Dogs and love to visit the elder homes and give wiggles and kisses!