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"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Pertinent Information
Female: 8-10 yrs
UTD:   Yes
Weight: 52 lbs Good with Other dogs:  Some
Color: Fawn
Good with Cats:  No
Ears: Natural
Children:  16+
Tail: Docked Microchipped: TBD

Spay/Neutered:   Yes

Training required:   YES
Surrender:  Shelter/Stray         Adoption Donation:     $250.00    

June 11, 2017


Hi Everyone, Just a quick updated on me....I may not be a puppy in dog years, but I'm still a pup at heart. My foster family has taken great care of me for quite some time, but they are expecting a baby and have asked that the rescue finds another home for me. I really prefer a home with no kids or kids over 16 years. I have a foster fur brother that I get along great with, but I've not been around too many other dogs while in foster, so I may or may not be happy with a new fur brother... My rescue friends will make that decision for me. Cats are a definite no for me.. sorry, all you cat peeps.  My favorite things in the whole wide world are empty milk jugs (cheap toy), neck scratches, and occupying space on your lap. I am sweeter than sugar and would love a home that will welcome me in and allow me to play with their recyclables :) I'm not too much trouble.. At my age (around 9), I'm pretty well set in my ways and easy going. If you think I would fit into your life, please email info@theboxerrescue.org and let them know you're interested in the prettiest gal around.. They'll know who you're talking about.



April 3, 2017



What's better than the love of a sweet, senior girl? The love of a sweet senior girl who thinks she's still a pup, that's what!! This is BIXBY! We aren't sure of her exact age, but the vet estimated her to be around 7-8 years. No cats for this girl and children 16+ years, please. She has been fostered with a male boxer and has been good, but she's not met any other dogs while in foster.

Here's an update from her foster mom... 

Ms. Bixby acclimated to our household almost immediately. She hasn’t had any issues with any people she has met, although we have not introduced her to other dogs, aside from her foster bro, Blue (who she gets along great with). We have realized that she is able to hear only at certain volumes and frequencies; if we call her name very loudly, or whistle at a very high pitched frequency, she’ll respond to that. She makes up for her hearing by focusing on visual cues. We have taught her hand signals for “sit” and “come” which she responds well to. Her favorite activities include playfully boxing with her foster brother and chasing him around in the yard. She also loves just being near people. This sweet girl just wants to love and be loved! She has a resilient Boxer spirit, and although we know enough about her past to know she has seen many, many hardships, she does not show any evidence of it in her attitude or behavior. Consider getting to know this amazing girl in person! Apply to adopt BIXBY at www.theboxerrescue.org



November 20, 2016


Update on BIXBY, who is available for adoption, from her foster mom... Bixby is settling in well at her new foster home! She is getting along great with her foster brother. They love to play tug with the rope and she hasn’t shown any evidence of toy guarding whatsoever. We did see one instance of food guarding in the first few days, but haven’t seen it again since she was able to settle in and understand the flow of things a little bit better. The vet thinks she might be 7 or 8 years old, but she’s as sprightly as a 4 year old! If you know boxers, you know they don’t lose much of that spirit as they age! We aren’t sure if she had access to stairs previously, because they seemed like a new concept to her. She is gradually learning how to navigate them herself without needing to be gently guided up or down. Bixby loves walks, but will probably require a bit of leash training, as she does pull a bit when she gets excited. She also loves running and tumbling around in the back yard with her foster brother. We are working on crate training her as well as teaching her some sign language commands as we suspect she might be hard of hearing at certain frequencies. Overall, she has been a great pleasure to foster and anyone would be lucky to have this sweet cuddle-bug as their own!



November 6, 2016


 Hi!  You might know me as Roxy from our Face Book page, but  my foster mom and the shelter have renamed me Rigsby because I respond to it better.   I am around 9 or 10 years old and I was left at a shelter in RI. The nice officer called The Boxer Rescue and asked if they had a home for me. I've been spayed and had some lumps removed from my side. They may or may not be cancerous, but at my age, it really doesn't matter. All that I want is a HOME. I'm crate trained, and I know some commands. Cats don't really bother me and I tend to like dogs. I can't talk so I can't tell anyone if I've ever been around kids... It's probably best that I go to a home with no kids or older kids.  I'm super cute and super friendly, but more than all of that, I'm super scared and confused.


A nice foster family has taken me in and they are getting to know me a little better.  Please keep an eye out for updates on me because I would love a forever home soon!   


Available for adoption