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There are several reasons to surrender a dog.  Maybe two dogs are not getting along, and injuries have occurred.  Or maybe you are not able to give your dog the care and attention it deserves.  You may have a change in living circumstances that does not allow you to continue to care for your dog.

If you are unsure about surrendering your dog, PLEASE contact us at surrender@theboxerrescue.org or call us at 800-471-2030.  We can help you during this difficult time by providing you with advice and information. We can provide you with resources about trainers and obedience classes or speak with you about any other concerns you may have.  


Before you surrender your Boxer, please answer the following questions:

Did you get your Boxer from a Breeder?  If you acquired your Boxer from a breeder, please contact the Breeder first.  Most reputable Breeders will have you sign a contract at the time you purchased your puppy stipulating that the dog should be returned to the breeder if you can no longer keep him or her.  

Did you get your Boxer from a rescue organization?   The same rules apply with a rescue organization.  If you acquired your Boxer through a reputable rescue organization, you would have signed a contract stipulating that the dog must be returned to them if you decided you could no longer keep him or her.

If you answered yes to either of these questions, please get in touch with the breeder or rescue organization you acquired your Boxer through first.

Surrendering your Boxer

"The Chase" Photography by:
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Surrendering your Boxer:


Although surrendering your dog may be extremely difficult for you to do, it may just be the best thing for you and your dog. You are providing your dog with a chance at a new life and loving home.  The Boxer Rescue (TBRI) works hard to ensure that your dog ends up in a loving “forever” home.  We understand that this is a stressful time for you, and making the decision to find your dog another home is a difficult one. However, we can assure you that we will place your dog with a wonderful family that will love and care for him for the rest of his life. Hopefully knowing this will make the process a little easier for you. 


If you have decided that surrendering your dog is the best thing for him/her, we thank you for taking the first step in your dog’s future welfare.  The Boxer Rescue is here to make this difficult time as easy as possible.   When you place your dog into our foster program, you can be sure that your dog will be provided with the best care given by one of our selected, pre-screened, volunteer foster families. Once your dog has been placed into a foster home, he/she will be evaluated, given the utmost love, care and attention it deserves.  Our foster family will treat the dog as if it were their own. Of course, this will be continued into the new home he/she is placed in since we extensively pre-screen all adoption applicants by conducting telephone interviews, reference checks, home visits, and post adoption updates. 


When filling out the Owner Surrender Application, please fill out the form in its entirety and be as detailed and honest as possible.  Your honest answers will allow us to have the most accurate information concerning your dog's temperament, personality, and level of obedience it has currently.  This information will be essential to us and your dog in many ways.  First, it allows the foster family to focus on any strengths or weaknesses your dog may have.   This helps make the adjustment time easier for your dog.  Also knowing your dog’s weaknesses will allow the foster home a chance to work with your dog on those issues.  It also allows the new foster home to take any necessary safety measures with their family.  Most importantly, this information will help the new family that adopts your dog.  By providing us with accurate information, we can provide a permanent and happy home for your dog.  If you are looking to surrender your Boxer, you must fill out a surrender application online (The form must be filled out in its entirety) click here to fill out an owner surrender form.   

Once we receive your Surrender request, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your situation.  We will then send an experienced volunteer to your home to meet with you and your dog.  Our volunteer will evaluate your dog for temperament and behavior and will bring their own, friendly, dog to test your dog’s ability to get along with another dog (unless you inform us that your dog is not friendly with other dogs). They will also take a few photos of your dog, which will accompany their biography on our website (If accepted into our program).    

Once we have accepted your dog into our program, we will then prepare a foster home for your dog’s arrival.  Please be patient as this could take some time if we do not have a foster home readily available.  The main reason we provide foster homes is to get a better understanding of each individual dog and their behaviors which cannot be done until the dog is in our care.  Once the dog is ready to come into the program, a volunteer will contact you to go over the necessary paperwork needed and to set up the actual surrender of your dog.

While in rescue:

The foster home will write updates and progress reports on their foster dog which will be posted on the website.

Please note that senior dogs, dogs with medical problems or pairs of dogs may take longer to place. These dogs are given the best care possible to make them feel comfortable while they await their new homes. We are committed to working with owners with the placement of their Boxers.  


TBRI understands that this can be very difficult for you and your family, so please free to visit your dog’s new journey in the "Available Dog” section of our website.  TBRI keeps in touch with our adopted homes as well.  We like to know what is happening in the lives of our rescue dogs.  If the dog has already been adopted, you can see updates in the “Found Forever Homes Section” of our website.

We thank you for contacting us and remember, at The Boxer Rescue…

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  Renting With Pets

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If you are surrendering your Boxer because you are moving and your new apartment complex or condo will not take pets, then please try to find one that does.  You would be surprised on how many places do except pets.   Your Boxer is part of your “family” and he or she should not be left behind because of a move, unless it is absolutely necessary.  There are many apartments and condos out there that do accept pets.   

If you are surrendering your Boxer because you have a new baby coming, we would like you to reconsider.  Boxers are fantastic family dogs and with the proper training and guidance your Boxer will learn to love the new little human just as much as you. If you can take care of your new baby, then you can take care of your dog.  For more information on how to introduce your dog to your new baby please email us at info@theboxerrescue.org.

  Baby on the way ?

 Need to Move?

If you are surrendering your Boxer because of behavioral issues, please give us a chance to help you.  Send us an email at surrender@theboxerrescue.org.  We have certified dog trainers in our organization and we can recommend a trainer in your area or pass along some training literature that might help you and your Boxer.   If it’s socialization issue, it’s never too late to enroll your Boxer into obedience classes .  Obedience classes are a lot of fun and also help with bonding. 

 Behavioral Issues?