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Volunteer with Us!

Foster Family

Foster families take rescued Boxers into their homes and treat them as  if they were their own, they love them, feed them, exercise them, work with them on training or any behavior issues they may have. They often make veterinarian appointments as required by TBRI and will take their fosters to their scheduled appointments.   The Fosters homes get to know the dogs and help us decide what type of home would be right for a particular dog.  To aid in the adoption of the fosters, we ask fosters to send weekly updates to TBRI with information on how the dog is doing, any behavioral and or training problems they might observe as well as positive traits that their fosters possess.


Fostering is one of the most rewarding of all the things you could do as a volunteer.  There is nothing like the feeling you get when you see a dog with its new family; and knowing that you played a critical role in preparing the foster for its forever home.  Foster Homes are one thing we can never have enough of; as we can only take in as many dogs as we have foster homes. 

If you would like to become a TBRI Foster Family, please click here to fill out an online application. 

Telephone Interviews

TBRI conducts telephone interviews as a first point of contact. Calling potential foster and adoptive home applicants and interviewing them over the phone.   Once the initial interviews are done, TBRI conducts reference checks as part of the application process. Applicant's veterinarians are contacted as well as any persons listed as personal references. Once these calls are completed, forms are filled out and sent in to TBRI. 

Home Visits
The final step in the application process is the home visit.  We conduct home visits to sure that the applicant provided truthful information regarding the household on the application and to get a sense of how the dog will be living.  Our Boxers our precious to us, so the home visit is a critical step in this process and any comments/concerns from the volunteer are taken very seriously.  After the home visit is complete a form is filled out and sent to TBRI.  Home visits are scheduled at the convenience of the volunteer. We cannot proceed with the adoption process without a home visit.

The Boxer Rescue, Inc. (TBRI), serving the New England Area, has a group of Volunteers who assist in areas such as fostering, transporting dogs, telephone interviews, home visits with potential adopters and fosters,  fund raising efforts, as well as helping in our efforts to educate  the public on rescue and help educate owners in responsible pet ownership.  Our organization would not exist without our volunteers. 


If interested in volunteering, we would love to have your help! Some of the volunteer tasks we have available are:


TBRI, transports dogs from shelters or surrendering owners to foster families. Many times there are several "legs" of a transport and if you are able to fill one or more of those "legs" you can contact the Volunteer coordinator to work out the details. Transporting Note:   You must be reliable, have an insured vehicle and be able to transport a Boxer safely utilizing a crate, doggie seatbelt or vehicle barrier.  This will ensure the safety of you, your family and the dog.   

Fundraising & Events  

TBRI needs volunteers to set up and man tables at various events throughout MA, RI and CT.   Local Pet Retail Stores (in-store event) will sometimes allow tables to be set-up, inside or out. Rescue groups can hand out materials informing the public of their organization and activities. Often times, dogs are welcome at these events and encouraged at awareness day events. We ask that you contact pet stores, in your area to inquire as to the possibility of holding an awareness day at their store. These events are a great opportunity for public awareness and fundraising.  We are always looking for that creative, innovative volunteer with great fundraising ideas as well! 



There are many other opportunities available to you as a volunteer with TBRI. The above are just a few things we do.  Please take the time to fill out an application in its entirety as incomplete applications cannot be processed.  Please click here to fill out a volunteer application.  


           Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Boxer Rescue.



"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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Something special for our volunteers….The Boxer Rescue, Inc., is proud to be part of the “The Volunteer Advantage Program.  We understand how hard our volunteers work and appreciate everything they do.  Buy signing up with The Volunteer Advantage Program, our volunteers can earn points which can be redeemed for rewards and discounts from businesses that want to say thank you for your effort.  It's free, easy and fun!  Just click on the icon below to sign up and begin logging those hours! 

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