"The chase" Photo by: Padraicyclops
GOOD DOG - Thumbs up


SIT   (AKC obedience) with palm forward at your side, raise your arm straight out and bend your elbow at the waist and raise your hand, palm toward your shoulder Or palm forward at shoulder height, lower you palm to your side


DOWN (AKC obedience) with palm forward at your side, raise your arm straight out and up over your head - with your index finger, point to the floor


STAY - Raise your palm forward to waist height


WAIT - Hold thumb and index finger and inch apart with other fingers closed


GO - Spin one index finger


COME - Sweep arm out and back, palm toward your body, about waist high


WALK - Index and third finger, pointed downward. Move fingers as though ‘walking’


BALL - Lightly start to make a fist closing your fingers together onto the top of your thumb in a clutching action


NO - Wag your index finger (I have found this signal becomes powerless over time due to overuse of similar movements) ‘chop’ your right hand onto your left palm near your dogs face


“Leave It” - Close your fingers into your thumb and on top of your Thumb and then Quickly Release them in a fan motion them at the dog


Simple signs for a Deaf Dog
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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