Boxers in a Winter Wonderland

This holiday season, we hope you’ll become a part of our winter wonderland by purchasing a winter wonderland square and leaving a special message for all to see. Each square is a $25.00 tax deductible donation. Be sure to email us your special message that will appear below. For example…

“In loving memory of Rocky. Love, The Smith Family” Our goal is to have 36 messages of love, hope, and joy this holiday season, to benefit the beautiful boxers coming into our rescue in the upcoming months. We hope to see YOUR message in our Winter Wonderland.

*Messages will be uploaded and randomly placed in the Winter Wonderland. To view messages, simply “hover over” a donated square. Please allow 2-3 days for your message to appear.

Happy Holidays!
Love, Wrigley, Bauer, Murph
and Family



In memory of
Zeena and Tyson


In Loving Memory of
Phoenix, Benji, Bentley
and Chouy