"The chase" Photo by: Padraicyclops
The White Boxer

Listed below are some links to the ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center's information. This is in no means a "full list".  Remember to always contact your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog may have ingested a poisonous plant. For a full overview of poisonus plants toxic and non toxic, please visit:





Adam-and-Eve African Wonder Tree  Alocasia Aloe  Amaryllis  Ambrosia Mexicana American Holly Angelica Tree  Apple Arrow-Head Vine (Arum Arum Lily  Asparagus Fern Australian Ivy Palm Australian Nut Australian Pine Autumn Crocus  Avocado Azalea Baby Doll Ti Plant Baby’s Breath  Barbados Aloe Barbados Lily Barbados Pride Barbados Pride 2 Bead Tree Begonia Bergamot Orange Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise 2 Bird of Paradise Flower Bird's Tongue Flower Bishop’s Weed Bitter Root Black Calla Black Laurel Black Nightshade Black Walnut Bobbins Branching Ivy Brazilwood Bread and Butter Plant Brunfelsia Buckeye Buckwheat Buddhist Pine Burning Bush Buttercup Caladium Calamondin Orange California Ivy Calla Lily Cape Jasmine Cardboard Palm Cardinal Flower Carnation Castor Bean Plant Ceriman Chandelier Plant Charming Dieffenbachia Cherry Chinaberry Tree Chinese Evergreen Chinese Jade Christmas Rose Chrysanthemum Clematis Climbing Lily Clivia Lily Coffee Tree Coleus Common Privet Coontie Palm Cordatum Corn Plant Cornstalk Plant Cow parsnip Cowbane Cuckoo-pint Cutleaf Philodendron Cyclamen Daffodil Dahlia Daisy Deadly Nightshade Desert Azalea Desert Rose Devil's Backbone Devils Ivy Dieffenbachia Dock Dog Hobble Dracaena Dwarf Poinciana Easter Rose Elephant Ears Elephant Ears  Emerald Feather English Ivy English Yew Eucalyptus European Bittersweet European Holly Everlasting Pea Exotica False Bittersweet False Queen Anne’s Lace Feather Geranium Fern Palm Fetter Bush Fetterbush Fiddle-Leaf Fig Figwort Fire Lily Flag Flamingo Flower Fleabane Florida Beauty Foxglove Garden Calla Garden Chamomile Garden Hyacinth Gardenia Garlic Geranium Geranium-Leaf Aralia Giant Dracaena Giant Dumb Cane Giant Hogweed Glacier Ivy Gladiola Gloriosa Lily Gold Dieffenbachia Gold Dust Dracaena Golden Birds Nest Golden Pothos Golden Ragwort Good Luck Plant Grapefruit Grass Palm Green Gold Naphthysis Ground Apple Hahn's Self Branching English Ivy Hashish Hibiscus Hills of Snow Holly Hops Horse Chestnut Horsehead Philodendron Horseweed Hortensia Hosta House Pine Hurricane Plant Hyacinth Hydrangea Impala Lily Indian Apple Indian Hemp  Indian Pink Indian Rubber Plant Inkberry Iris Jade Plant Japanese Yew Jerusalem Cherry Jerusalem Oak Jonquil Kaffir Lily Kalanchoe Klamath Weed Kudu Lily Lace Fern Lacy Tree Philodendron Lady-of-the-night Lantana LarkspurLaurel Leatherflower Leek Lemon Lenten Rose Lily of the Palace Lily-of-the-Valley Bush Lime Macadamia Nut Malanga Maleberry Marble Queen Marijuana Mauna Loa Peace Lily Mayweed Medicine Plant Mexican Breadfruit Milfoil Mistletoe "American" Mock Azalea Morning Glory Morning-Noon-and-Night Moss Rose Mother-In-Law Plant Mum Nandina Needlepoint Ivy Nightshade Oleander Orange Oregon Holly Ornamental Pepper Pacific Yew Palm Lily Panda Plant Paper White Paraguayan Jasmine Peace Lily Peach Peacock Flower Pencil Cactus Peony Perennial Pea Periwinkle Philodendron Pertusum Pie Plant Pieris Pig Lily Pigtail Plant Pinks Plantain Lily Plum Plumosa Fern Poinciana Poinsettia Poison Daisy Poison Hemlock Poison Parsnip Portulaca Pothos Prayer Bean Precatory Bean Primrose Privet Queensland Nut Racemose asparagus Ragwort Ranger's Button Red Emerald Red Maple Red Princess Red-Marginated Dracaena Rhododendron Rhubarb Ridderstjerne Rock Moss Roman Chamomile Rose of China Rose of Sharon Running Myrtle Sago Palm Seven Bark Shamrock Plant Shatavari Showy Daisy Silver Dollar Skunk Cabbage Snake Lilly Snake Plant Solomon’s Lily Sowbread Spanish Thyme Spindle Tree Spring Parsley St. John’s Wort Staggerbush Starch Root Starleaf Stinking Chamomile Straight-Margined Dracaena Striped Dracaena Superb Lily Swamp Maple Sweet Pea Sweet William Swiss Cheese Plant Tail Flower Taro Taro Taro Vine Texas Umbrella Tree Ti-Plant Tobacco Tomato Plant Tree Philodendron Tropic Snow True Aloe Trumpet Lily Umbrella Leaf Umbrella Tree Variegated Philodendron Vinca Virgin's Bower Wahoo Wake Robin Warneckei Dracaena Water Flag Water Hemlock Water Hyacinth Wax-Leaf Weeping Fig Western Yew White Heads Wild Arum Wild Carnation Wild Coffee Winter Cherry Winterberry Wisteria Yarrow Yellow Oleander Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Yew Yew Pine Yucca  

Plants Toxic to Dogs 
"The Chase" Photography by:
Patrick McArdle
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